Monday, 30 April 2018

Hello all,

Well back from an inspiring Fremo meet in Arendal 19-22 april 2018 we have some pictures and videos to share with you from the H0e Urskog Hoelandsbanen branch. Modules/sections are built by:

Christer Ritterberg; Blingsfoss to Killingmo with curved modules in between stations
Knut E. Kittelsen: Finstadbru and  transfer section to Fremo standard with a  small bridge on a short incline (50mm on 1.2m). The total lenght of the branchline about 12m

Rolling stock is Christers with Z scale Microtrains couplers operated with hidden uncoupling magnets. Locos are Setskogen (ultramarine/black) and (Prydz black), both equipped with sound, lights and improved pickup by Christer.
Løftekasser (containers) 3D print from Shapeways designed by Knut. (may be offered for sale at Shapeways later this year)

On the planning/construction stage are new sections at Finstadbru (Knut) and two curve modules  (Christer.) Further extentions are in our heads.

Here are some impressions

Løftekasse at Killingmo

Transfert to standard gauge at Blingsfoss

The bridge near Finstadbru

Cowtrap near Blingsfoss

Upgrade from killingmo to Finstadbru

Departing from Blingsfoss
And here a link to a trip on the line in Youtube:

Fremo Arendal april 2018 - H0e UHB

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